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Analysing risk is a proactive way to ensure you are covered if an accident or intrusion occurs. Start the quiz to see where you stand.

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Protecting people and property is your primary goal. Let us make sure that you are covered from all angles. At Elvey, we have made it our business for over 70 years, to source leading security technologies and brands from around the world, so that our customers and end-users have complete peace of mind. This is amplified by the support we offer- from hands-on training for installers, all the way through to on-site technical support.

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Elvey is a leading solutions provider and distribution partner to the residential and corporate security marketplace. Our mission is to enhance the security, control and intelligence, within both the home and workplace, through the provision of world-class technologies and solutions.

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Along with the superior product range and selection offered by Elvey, we strive to provide:

  • A highly-responsive level of support and service through our national team of technical sales consultants
  • Comprehensive technical and sales product training for our customers
  • The convenience and efficiency of one of the most extensive footprints throughout Southern Africa
  • Accommodative account and credit management facilities for our customers (particularly for larger projects)
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